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We hear you

Enter UnitedWeCare – we are like a genie in a bottle that grants you everything you asked for related to your mental health! Speak your heart out, find solutions to your problems, and find your peace of mind. We promise we are great listeners!

You just need to download the app, take an appointment and speak to a counselor of your choice. Yes, it’s that simple – you will have the right guidance within no time. 

Why choose us

A unique platform for everyone

When problems hit us like huge bricks, we fall and maybe get hurt miserably. But then we bounce back stronger than before.

Extending our hands to anyone and everyone , we are here to turn the ordinary into extraordinary. We are UnitedWeCare.

A team of avengers

UnitedWeCare has an army of experts – counsellors, lawyers and life coaches who are with you every step of the way. Think of them as Avengers, fighting the good fight. You can reach out to them at any given point – no hesitation, no fear of judgement and no fear of any of your confidential information leaking out. Trust us, we are the best secret keepers, and your secret is guarded with us for life!

Led by People of Substance

The people leading UnitedWeCare boast an indomitable spirit and bones of steel. They are unfazed by storm and fire, and carry a vast ocean of experience to revolutionise their dreams. Success stories are not crafted in a day, and how knows better than them?

The three women – Founder & Global CEO, Shumita Kakkar, Product Head, Arti Khanijo and Global Head – Expert Onboarding and engagement, Sonal Gandhi, might belong to diverse backgrounds, but a burning passion to help others, brought them together. Call it a clarion call for change, or the force of destiny, these three women are all set to redefine the mental health space.  

Watch out for the trio – they are a force to reckon with!  

Nominal fee

When you approach UnitedWeCare, be rest assured that guidance from experts will be available at a nominal cost – you won’t burn a hole in your pocket, that’s a promise. What’s more, we have nothing to do with your class, caste, creed or even your sexuality.

Got a problem that you want to share? Fret not! Log into the app and speak your heart out without the fear of running high bills. We are a catalyst for those who want to overcome their challenges. After all, what’s more rewarding than someone rediscovering themselves? We hear a resounding YES!

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Stories of Courage and Hope

These stories are of ordinary women who have faced challenges head on, and come out extraordinarily stronger on the other side.

Dipika – An ordinary woman with extraordinary dreams

As a young girl, I was effervescent and ambitious, and wanted to fulfil my desires in life. Whenever someone would ask me about what I wanted to be, I was quick to reply, “A Bollywood […]

Rashi-An ordinary woman with extraordinary dreams

All stories end with ‘they lived happily ever after’ and that is what every girl thinks marriage will entail. With these expectations I married my now ex-husband and though there were mild hiccups from his […]

Ruchi Mutneja – A woman of substance

I still remember the date vividly, 5th March 2015, 8 am. I was eager to meet my mom, after all I had to relate the news of my pregnancy to her. It was to be […]

Empowering Women

Be a part of the UnitedWeCare family/our support system

UnitedWeCare has an army of experts – counsellors, lawyers and life coaches who are with you every step of the way. Here’s a look at our support system:
We’d be happy for you to become a part of the UnitedWeCare family. If you’re interested, drop a mail to